At 23.00 East local time CNN declares the mother projection that Obama is the new president of the US. I am obviously not only very happy and emotionally taken by this but I can also testify to anybody who wanted to challenge my happiness that Romney’s campaign was so unbearably shallow that the idea of having a harebrained leader and his team running the world made my spinal cord hairs shiver wildly.
Obama will make mistakes, he is not my president and could even do harm to my country in defending US interests, I am not saying no. But I have enough here and anywhere of the world of empty skulls.
Obama has been accused of not having fulfilled all his more emotional promises. Let me remind everybody that Machiavelli wrote that the good archer if he wants to hot bull’s eye has to aim higher. It is the same with all of us, we always aim for toppers, but reality is in front of us.
Obama has been as good a president as the US could expect. And he is a decent person. One thing, I praise most in him is that he rarely smiles in a society in which political leaders feel obliged to smile like mindless nogooders. What there is to smile I ask? Praise to Obama, go on doing what you think good, without smiling.